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Why It's Important to Change Your Air Filter: HVAC Greenville | Comfort Specialites

Why It’s Important to Change Your Air Filter

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You may not have changing your air filter at the top of your to-do list for home maintenance, but it should be. Changing your air filter is an extremely important practice to implement in caring for your home, as it provides the air that filters through your home. This is a central and integral part of our home’s central HVAC system and helps with the overall quality of air that enters our home and affects everyone. At Comfort Specialties, you never have to worry about the quality of our services. We will ensure that the maintenance of your air filter is regularly attended to. We’re dedicated to bringing you a comfortable home for you and your family. In this blog, we’re going to explore the importance of changing your air filter in your home.

What an Air Filter Does

So, what does your air filter do? In simplest terms, your air filter is the first defense of cleaning out the quality of air that is pulled from the outside and enters through your home’s HVAC system. Your air filter, in the most literal sense, filters the air that enters your home. The air can be tainted with dust, pollen, and debris. This can be especially important if you have a high risk of seasonal allergies, as a clean air filter will effectively and efficiently provide your home with the clean air necessary to fight off allergies. It is also a first line of defense for the potential of loose insulation being pulled into the system. This is a dangerous scenario, and can lead to system damage or potential risk of a fire. Furthermore, keeping your air filter clean by changing it ensures that your furnace does not have to work harder. With a dirty filter, your system has to work harder to provide the air demanded in the home, which results in a higher energy bill. Clean air filters is synonymous with energy efficiency.

What Can Happen with a Dirty Air Filter

A dirty air filter makes it difficult to move air into areas where more air may be needed, like your living room. It also poses the risk that mold or bacteria can grow, making the air you breathe in unhealthy. A dirty air filter also makes your home a bit more messy, as dust particles settle on household surfaces, rooms, and in ducts. It can also affect your A/C unit, as A/C units are designed to work with a certain amount of internal air flow. This can not only raise your energy bill, but require you to spend money on A/C repairs, or even a whole new A/C system.

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Indoor air pollution can be a serious effect of not having a clean air filter. This air pollution can make it difficult for you to breathe in your own home. If you suffer from seasonal allergies or allergies deriving from dust, changing your air filter is one of the most important tasks you should do regularly. Furthermore, if you have pets, the air filter may need to be changed even more frequently. On that note, if your home is going through maintenance or repair, such as painting, paint stripping, sanding, or welding, the changing of your air filter is extremely important.

Changing an air filter can be simple for some, and more troublesome for others. Instead of pushing it to the side, it’s best to contact professionals like Comfort Specialties. We can help with the maintenance of your air filter, as well as fix a variety of your HVAC or A/C unit needs.
Contact Comfort Specialties today if you have problems with air filters or other HVAC issues. Air quality is important, and we install the latest and greatest air filtration for our customers.

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